His and Hers Flowers

Well, it’s been about four months so it seems like it’s time for another post. I thought I’d do a little something different with a little DIY.

Since moving into our first house, my boyfriend and I have been fighting over how to decorate. I was determined to go with a rustic, beach cottage vibe while my gun-totting boyfriend wanted a rifle above the TV (NOT going to happen). After suggesting things to each other for a few years, I decided it was time to blend our styles, which seemed impossible.

Every couple of weeks, a bunch of ammo cans show up on our doorstep. While my boyfriend tends to leave them around the house for me to trip over (its happened more times than I’d like to admit), I had the random idea to start making use of them.


This week my mom and I got back into our weekly habit of trips to our local farmers market. While I always treat myself to fresh flowers, the lovely 95 degree weather this morning wasn’t so great for the flowers there, so I walked away empty handed and a little discouraged. After making the trek over to Trader Joe’s to pickup a few other things, I decided to pick up a couple bunches of stock and lithianthus. While I normally stick to one color palette, there was something about the blush pink stock that drew me in. After spending some time at my parents house (and snagging a scrap piece of wood from my dad), I headed home and decided to pop into my local grocery store since their roses are usually pretty nice for a fairly reasonable price.


So after putting away all the groceries and getting everything organized, it was time to put everything together. Since the ammo can had a raised center, I used the piece of wood to create a stable base for three mason jars to sit on.


After that, I just started trimming and arranging the flowers. I started with the roses, which actually took up more space than I anticipated, then used the stock and lithianthus to fill in the empty spaces until I could barely fit anymore stems in.



This has quickly turned into favorite decor item in our house and I am completely obsessed. It is definitely my favorite arrangement to date, which is a little weird since it is different than anything I usually put together. Plus, my boyfriend who thinks buying flowers is a complete waste of money and groans every time I come home with a bunch was pretty impressed, so it looks like we’ve got a win/win here. I cannot wait to recreate this over the next couple of months and start making use of all of those empty ammo cans!



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